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CINEKITA is an audiovisual production and post-production company founded in 1996 in France and established since 2012 in Côte d'Ivoire.

CINEKITA : Excellence in audiovisual dubbing

In the film and audiovisual industry, dubbing plays a crucial role in enabling viewers the world over to fully enjoy their works. It is in this context that CINEKITA stands out as an audiovisual dubbing company of excellence.


Since its creation in 1996, CINEKITA has established itself as a major player in the dubbing field. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, the company has won the trust of the biggest TV channels and streaming platforms, becoming an essential partner for the localization of documentaries, films and series.


Year of


(Paris - Abidjan)



50 k

Hours of dubbed films

CINEKITA's strength lies above all in the quality of its work. The company's dubbing teams are made up of passionate and talented professionals, who do their utmost to deliver outstanding performances. Whether it's conveying the actors' emotions, adapting dialogues or synchronizing voices, every detail is taken into account to guarantee a fluid and immersive viewing experience.


But CINEKITA doesn't just offer top-quality dubbing, the company also stands out for its ability to adapt to the cultural specificities of each country. In fact, dubbing is more than simply translating dialogue: it's also about conveying the nuances and subtleties specific to each language and culture. CINEKITA understands the importance of this adaptation, and works closely with linguists and localization experts to guarantee a dubbed version that is faithful to the original work.

What's more, CINEKITA stands out for its ability to meet production deadlines. In an industry where deadlines are often tight, the company makes every effort to deliver quality work on time.

Thanks to its rigorous organization and efficient processes, CINEKITA ensures optimal project management, enabling films and series to be released on schedule.


CINEKITA is also committed to the development of the dubbing industry. The company invests in the training and development of its teams, to keep abreast of the latest techniques and trends in the industry. What's more, CINEKITA encourages diversity and inclusion by offering opportunities for emerging talent to prove themselves in the dubbing field.


Much more than just an audiovisual dubbing company, CINEKITA is a trusted partner, putting its expertise and know-how at the service of the biggest film and audiovisual productions.

Thanks to its commitment to quality, cultural adaptation, respect for deadlines and the development of the industry, CINEKITA is an essential reference in the dubbing field.

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